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Primus work with the most experienced underwriters and insurers, operating both internationally and within the Lloyds market. Every insurer we use is financially strong, with “Excellent” ratings from A.M. Best and an A+ (Strong) rating from Standard and Poors. The headlines of the policies are summarised below, with full details provided at the time of quoting.

Run off cover of between 20 and 25 years

Run off cover applies upon permanent retirement, disablement or death, so will not impact the majority of policies. However, with the vast majority of claims coming with in the first 5 years, we believe that the 20 to 25 years cover offered through Primus should be more than enough.

£10 million claim limit

Primus offer a £10 million claims limit as standard, with the option of higher or lower limits if required. This is the normal level of cover requested by private hospitals.

Medico Legal help line manned 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

The Medico Legal helplines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are run by law firms that are vastly experienced in clinical negligence. They will provide sound legal and clinical advice for any situation arising, ensuring that you receive the correct assistance when you need it.

Professional Indemnity cover for:

  • Report writing and expert witness work
  • Peer review work, acting as a clinical / educational supervisor, MAC Chair or member

Public Liability

Legal Expenses cover


Defence costs for regulatory investigations

Court Attendance Costs

Reputation and Brand Protection

Worldwide cover for Good Samaritans Acts

Important Information

The GMC requires all registered practitioners that complete any sort of private work, even if this takes place on NHS or HSC premises, to have in place an indemnity arrangement which provides appropriate cover. The practitioner is responsible for maintaining this.

Where the GMC suspect that cover is non existent or inadequate, they have the power to be able to check that any doctor practicing in the uk has the appropriate insurance or indemnity in place. If found to have inadequate cover, the GMC may remove a doctors licence to stop them practicing altogether.

Understanding “Claims Made”

The “claims made” approach to medical indemnity is favoured by commercial insurers, with the premise being to provide an insurance policy for 1 year. As the name indicates, a “claims made” policy covers claims that are made against you during the period of the policy, irrespective of when the incident took place. The time frame that the policy covers can typically be split into 3 sections:

This applies if you have had previous policies with insurers that operated on a “claims made” basis. You will need to provide the date that your first “claims made” policy started on, with the new policy then covering any claims made that relate to work during that period. For example if a surgeon had been using a “claims made” policy since 01/01/2010 and they wanted to move to a new insurer, then they would have to have retroactive cover dating back to 01/01/2010 to cover any work completed in that period. If a surgeon was moving from a “claims occurred” agreement (defence union), then they would not require retroactive cover.

This covers any claim made within the period of the policy. This will be at the indemnity limit agreed in the current policy.

This aspect of cover is only applicable in the event of permanent retirement, disablement or death. It provides cover for all work undertaken from the Retroactive cover date or from the start date of the policy if there was no need for a retroactive date. This will be at the indemnity limit agreed in the current policy.

The “claims occurred” agreements offered by Defence Unions are not offered by Primus. This is because the policy has to remain open indefinitely to cover any claims that arise from this period. Due to the policy never closing, it remains an on going risk. Where significant claims are made, these will impact current premiums of defence unions and insurers providing this service.

Insuring medical professionals within all major hospital groups.

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