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Refer a colleague

We hope that you’re happy with your Primus experience so far, and that you’ll let your friends and colleagues know about the service we’re offering. If you do, then we’d like to say thank you through our Primus referral scheme. Basically, if one of your colleagues signs up with us and lets us know that it was you that recommended us, then we’ll give you either £250 or £500 off your next premium depending on the policy your colleague takes out.

How much can I earn?


For every successful referral, where the policy value is less than £10,000


For every successful referral, where the policy value is £10,000 or more

How it works

Refer a colleague.

Colleague completes form and signs up.

Save money off your next premium.

When a potential client requests a quote from us we will send them a proposal form to complete. In addition to this form, we will send them a Primus referral form. To receive your referral fee, you must make sure that the client enters your details (name and email address) on the referral form and sends it back to us. We will then provide the quote and should the client accept it and take up the policy then we will email you to confirm that you have qualified for a referral fee. Your referral fee will then be stored on you account as a credit and will be deducted from your next renewal quote.

The Benefits

Reduced Premiums

By making a successful referral, you will receive money off your next premium, its that simple! The more people you refer, the lower your premium will be, leaving you to spend money on more enjoyable things than insurance premiums.


When a colleague accepts a policy provided by Primus, you can be satisfied that you have helped them sign up for the most comprehensive policy available. In addition to this, with market leading rates, you can expect to have saved them money as well.