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Why choose Indemnity Insurance instead of Defence Union membership?

Commercial Insurers quote on a completely individual basis, judging each surgeon on the type and amount of work they perform, along with their previous claims history. You will not be subject to “one size fits all” approach that is based on earnings bands. With this detailed risk based approach, “lower risk” surgeons will receive reduced premiums as they will not have to subsidise the “higher risk” surgeons that fall in the same earnings band.

Commercial Insurance is a legally binding contract, which means that as long as the terms and conditions are met, then the insurer has to pay out. Defence Union membership entitles you to ask for assistance in the case of a claim, with support then provided on a discretionary basis.

Commercial Insurance will offer a quote to cover you for the year, with there being no option for the insurer to request additional funds or change any conditions of the policy. Defence unions will ask for a fee to cover membership, and then could ask for further payment that year.

All insurers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority whose remit includes the following:

“As we supervise firms, our focus is to make sure that consumers are at the heart of a firm’s business. We make risk-based judgements about whether the firm’s business model and how it is run results in fair treatment for consumers, that it upholds market integrity and, for those firms that we prudentially regulate, that it is financially sound”.

This regulation ensures that insurers operate by a strict set of standards that put the consumer first, with the Financial Ombudsman supporting consumers through claims where this hasn’t happened.

Why choose Primus over other Insurers?

Primus offers you the most comprehensive cover at the most competitive rates. We pride ourselves on offering our surgeons the best cover at the lowest premiums.

Primus has built up longstanding relationships with best underwriters and insurers in the market. This allows us to offer a consistently high standard of cover, without having to change our offering due to changing insurers.

Primus is run by a team with over 40 years experience in Insurance. We will always put clients first, providing advice that we believe is right for them, even if it means that you may not place your insurance through Primus.

The Primus approach to dealing with clients is to make sure you understand the policies that are on offer and then leave you to make your decision. We believe that we have the best products on the market and that you will recognise this without the need for any hard selling tactics or criticism of other insurers policies.

Communication is key

Primus believe that communication with our clients is important. If you do receive a complaint or a claim is made against you then we want to hear about it so that we can make sure you are happy that it is being dealt with and that we offer support in any way we can.

“Primus provided a service, far beyond saving money. This included the excellent communication from their experienced and cooperative team.”

Hisham Shallaby – Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon, Spire Edinburgh Hospitals (Murrayfield and Shawfair Park)

“It made sense to move to Primus last year. The information provided to me was clear and concise, the company were very professional and the move away from my former insurers was straightforward and painless. The financial savings were significant.”

Tom Trouton – Cardiologist, Antrim Hospital and Belfast City Hospital

“After my indemnity provider combined poor customer service with a large quote for ongoing cover I looked for alternative option. Primus provided an incredibly competitive quote with the personal service and attention to detail that I was look for.”

James Catton – General Surgeon, BMI The Park Hospital Nottingham

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