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Medical Indemnity Insurance for Consultants
It takes two minutes to complete the Primus Indicative Premium Form. We will then review your information with our panel of carefully selected Insurers

Primus Indemnity are one of the leading providers of Medical indemnity Insurance in the UK for consultants. We offer the strongest policies in the market at the most competitive premiums, saving new clients an average of 24.6% on their premium.

What does Medical indemnity Insurance Cover?

Put simply, Primus know that only the strongest medical indemnity policies will do, so they are the only ones we offer. We work closely with the most experienced underwriters and our policies are backed by the most financially secure insurers. The highlights of your medical indemnity insurance cover include:

  • Contractual, legally binding insurance policies, fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • £10,000,000 claims limit as standard for clinical negligence, including cover for Private Practice and Medico Legal work. The policies are accepted and used at every major hospital group in the country.
  • Policies through financially sound insurers with a credit rating of A (Strong) from Standard and Poor and an A (Excellent) from AM Best.
  • Run off cover of a minimum of 21 years, ensuring you are fully covered into retirement.
  • 24 / 7 Medico Legal cover provided by a nationally recognised and ranked Medico Legal team within a national or international firm of solicitors.
  • Cover for GMC complaints and disciplinary hearings arising from both NHS and private work.
  • Worldwide cover for Good Samaritans acts.

We firmly believe that the policy offered through Primus will be equal or better to the cover that you currently have and we welcome the opportunity to discuss this in more detail with you.

How does cover provided by a Defence Union compare to the Medical Indemnity Insurance Cover provided through Primus?

With Defence Union indemnity agreements, the cover provided is done so on a discretionary basis. This means that the subscription you have paid allows you “the right to request assistance”, it then is up to the Defence Union what level and extent of cover is provided. They are well within their rights to decline to assist you at all. A consequence of this is that when you attempt to find out what your Defence Union indemnity agreement covers you for, you will not be able to find any definitive details or lists of what is included in the cover.

This makes comparing the two types of cover a little more difficult, but with contractual medical indemnity insurance policies clearly stating what is included in the cover and having been reviewed by the experienced Primus team, you can be sure you have all the cover you need. Most importantly this cover will be provided on a contractual basis, with your insurer regulated by the FCA – ensuring that customers receive a fair deal.

Why choose Primus Indemnity for your Medical Indemnity Insurance?

Primus take a fresh approach to providing medical indemnity insurance, with a focus on making the process of obtaining the strongest policies at the most competitive rates as simple as possible. We look to do the hard work for you, reviewing your medical indemnity insurance options with our panel of carefully selected insurers, presenting you with the most competitive terms available.

Get a Medical Indemnity indicative premium from Primus Indemnity

Receiving an indicative premium for your medical indemnity insurance has never been easier, it literally takes two minutes. Our experienced team will do the leg work of obtaining multiple quotes, presenting you with the most competitive terms and details of the policy.

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